Monday, December 2, 2013

GRC Time Out

The GRC application if left idle for more than approximately an hour or so does not login due to a session timeout. but once you bounce the weblogic sever on which the application is installed then the login would work fine.

This happens if you have a firewall between the application and the database. The firewall terminates the GRC session if its been idle for a time set on the firewall. To overcome this there are two parameters that can be set.
1. session-timeout to a value more than the firewalls timeout value, this parameter can be found in the grc's directory web.xml file. (session-timeout = 180)
2. SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME to may be 10 mins. This parameter can be set in the sqlnet.ora file on the database. (SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME=10).

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