Tuesday, January 22, 2013

E-Business Suite Orgchart Installation

1. Download and apply Patch 12715586 to E-Business Suite.
2. Downoad Patch 13691576 - this is the OrgChart Application ear file.
3. Insall Web Logic Server.
4. Install Application Development Runtime (ADR).
5. Creare WLS Domain.
6. Create a Machine and add the orgchart_server1 to the LocalMachine.
7. Create user ORGCHARTUSER in EBS and asssign it the Apps Schema Connect role.
8. Register the External Node and Generate the Desktop DBC File
- Create a temporary folder /WLSStage/tmpsrc and copy the fndext.jar into the directory.
- Unzip fndext.jar in /WLSStage/tmpsrc
jar fx fndext.jar
- Delete the original fndext.jar file from /WLSStage/tmpsrc
rm fndext.jar
- Copy $WL_HOME/server/lib/commo.dtd to /WLSStage/tmpsrc
cp $WL_HOME/server/lib/commo.dtd /WLSStage/tmpsrc
- Run the following Java commands from /WLSStage/tmpsrc
java -classpath /WLSStage/tmpsrc:$CLASSPATH
9. Now you should have a new fndext.jar file in /tmp/mysrc/. Unzip the file and ensure that the jar has the following directory structure:
• oracle
• schemacom_bea_xml
• weblogic
• commo.dtd
• ExtAuthOnlyAuthenticator.xml
• ExtAuthenticator.xml
10. Deploy AppsDataSource Code on the Oracle WebLogic Server Instance
Shut down the Oracle WebLogic Server.
Copy the fndext.jar file to the $DOMAIN_DIR/lib
Start the server. Oracle WebLogic Server appends JAR files found in the lib
directory to the system classpath. Multiple files are added in alphabetical
cp fndext.jar $WL_HOME/user_projects/domains/xx_domain/lib/
Create a Data Source with the following details:
1. Name for the datasource: AppsDS
2. JNDI Name: jdbc/AppsDS
3. Database Type: Oracle
4. Database Driver: "Oracle's Driver (Thin) for Instance connections Versions:9.0.1,9.2.0,10,11.
11. Changing ApplServerId of Plan.xml
- Deploy the OrgChartApplication ear file from the patch 13691576.
- Navigate to the Configuration tab, save your configuration as Plan.xml, and then click the "OK" button.
Add following XML after the line
Add following XML tag as shown below, after the line
12. After editing the deployment plan xml file, you must redeploy the application with this modified plan.


John Rs said...

When you installed OrgChart, why didn't you set up the security realm in your procedure? Thanks.

Nikhil.T said...

John I prefer to keep the default security realm to avoid complications. But you may create one. Also the Install guide did not mention it.