Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oracle GRC Install

Oracle Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance - AACG
Installing GRC - AACG
1. Oracle Database -
2. WebLogic server - 10.3.5 - V26046-01.zip
3. Application Development Runtime ADR_11.1.1.5 - ofm_appdev_generic_11.
4. GRC - - p14528065_864_Linux-x86-64.zip

1. Install Database Binaries -
2. Create Database using dbca
3. Install JDK-1.6 or higher
4. Install WebLogic 10.3.5
5. Install Application Development Runtime (ADR)
6. Create WLS domain using config.sh
7. Copy the following files from MW_HOME\oracle_common\modules\ oracle.adf.model_11.1.1, to MW_HOME\user_projects\domains\\lib
• adfm.jar
• adfdt_common.jar
• adfmweb.jar
8. Copy the following files from grc_stage/lib to MW_HOME\user-projects\ domains\grc_domain\lib:
• groovy-all-1.6.3.jar
• xdoparser-
9. Create a directory called grc864 (for example, /grc864). This directory should be entirely distinct from the directory you created as you downloaded GRC files.
10. Navigate to /dist, and locate the file grc.ear. Copy it to the grc864 directory, and extract its contents there (unzip grc.ear)
11. Look in the directory grc864\grc\WEB-INF\lib to see if the files bicmn-, geronimo-stax-api_1.0_spec-1.0.1.jar, and xdoparser- exist there. If so, delete them.
12. Deploying GRC - Deploy grc.ear file from the weblogic console.
13. Stop the server and Modifying Settings - Edit setDomainEnv.sh located in your domain. As stated on page no. 2-12 (29) in Oracle® Governance, Risk and Compliance Installation Guide Release Part No. E36190-01
14. Start the server
15. EGRCM Configuration
Logon on to http://host:port/grc fill in the required details and Save the configuration.
16. The initial password is admin / admin and you will require to change it on the 1st login.
Oracle® Governance, Risk and Compliance Installation Guide Release Part No. E36190-01


Syed Mohd said...

Hi -

Need Your Help.

Currently I have Servers(1,2) RHEL 6

Server1 : Purpose: Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 Install

Server2 : Purpose: AACG - and ETCG -

Server 3: RHEL5 Oracle eBusiness Suite Install ,PCG 7.3.3 With Additional Appltop.

How to approch for installtion of AACG/ETCG- Just Give Idea what is first should installed.

1)As per my Understamding first we need to install GRC Suite, then we can install AACG/ETCG

2) Its Mandatory to Install Middelware Fussion?

3) After Creatind DB on Srver1 on Server2 I need to install AACG/ETCG without GRC Suite?

Just i need High level Appraoch in Points, example - 1st install this , send install this , third install this ect.....

Nikhil.T said...

Hi Syed,
Hope you doing well, for GRC install you will have to
1. install the database.
2. Install JDK
3. Install Weblogic
4. Install 1.7 Install ADR –
5. Create the weblogic domain using config.sh
6. Check GRC Suite Certification Matrix (Doc ID 741001.1)for the latest grc release.
7. deploy the latest grc jar file.

Hope this helps in you installation. do let me know if you require anything,

Syaifulloh Al Maslul said...


I need your help.

I already have GRCM installed in my server with weblogic 3.5.0

I want to upgrade my weblogic to 3.6.0 since I want to upgrade my GRCM to

Could you tell me the detail steps to upgrade my GRCM weblogic?


Nikhil.T said...

Hi Syaifulloh Al Maslul,
Take a backup of your weblogic and GRC install. Upgrade weblogic to the desired level, then reinstall the new grc version. Also check grc matrix to for a compatible java version.


Krishna said...


I was able to install GRC with no issues.
I got couple of questions
1) how does GRC get changes in from EBS?
a) GRC communicates with EBS database with PCG?
b) from ACG or CCG?

I am not getting proper information here.. can you explain!!
Thanks in advance your time and support!!


Nikhil.T said...

Hi Krishna,
GRC will connect to the EBS database through database adapters. you can create them through Administration and setup menu.
PCG is a part of the GRC suite but gets installed on EBS. So once the data is synchronized then it would be AACG or CCG will use this data.

hari prasad said...

hi Nikhil,
can i have your contact details
my mail id is harigm12@gmail.com