Friday, May 6, 2011

Personalize Customize Oracle R12 Login Page

The Login page is made of following images:
- FNDSSCORP.gif - Oracle logo - $OA_MEDIA
- globalTop.jpg - Globe Image - $OA_MEDIA
- global.jpg - Globe Image - $OA_MEDIA
- people.jpg - People Image - $OA_MEDIA
- topLines.gif - Blue Color Shade - $OA_MEDIA
- headerBg.jpg - Blue Color shade - $OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan
- navBarUnderTopTabsBg.gif - $OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan
- footerBg.gif - Footer - $OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan

Take a backup of these images, replace these images with the images of your preference.

Note: If you run Auticonfig you will be back to square one.



Ajay Sharma said...


Please help me on this. We use Oracle HRMS 11.5.10. I want to retain the standard Look & Feel for all HRMS pages. Only for iRec external pages, I need new L&F. How to maintain multiple CSS files in $OA_HTML ? How to then personalize only 1 home page. I am not a techie, so please explain in steps. Ajay_s @

Ajay Sharma said...

I need to submit this on 23 Feb 2012, so please help immediately.

Nikhil.T said...

Ajay, irecrutment would be hosted in DMZ, you can potentially change the template of the pages you intend to change and keep it separate from the other servers.

Hope this helps.

JP said...

Extremely helpful. I do have one question. We changed the headerBg.jpg to a different color. It works great with one issue. The very far right of the header image is still the original color. Is there another image that controls that? The file is set to the same size as the original.

Nikhil.T said...

Thanks @JP, Whats the version of your R12, this is a R12.1.3 instance i had used. I think its more to do with the resolution of the image, try playing around with the size. let me know how it goes...

Anonymous said...

I want to change the color of the text that appears on headerBg after we login. Logout, Help, Diagnostics etc. How do I change the text color of those from white to black?

Thank You

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